Here you will find the joys and 
wonders life has to offer those 
who live an erotic lifestyle.


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Looking for the good stuff?  You've found it. 
This is a hedonists heaven of joy and delight 
featuring the best in sensual, sexual living and lifestyles.
Welcome, friends, welcome! Here you will find the information, resources and support to take the first steps upon a journey into the wonderful and wondrous world of erotic and sensual living. If you so choose, you can, and just might, embark upon your own erotic journey of joy, discovery and fulfillment. We invite you to begin that journey now.

And, hey, you might even see pictures of naked people having fun along the way! Yes, here and there, some material best described as ADULTS ONLY may be found, though none of it is sexually explicit. Sorry. You'll have to look elsewhere for that. Still, we believe that an exploration of sexuality is much more than just images.

Follow the links, if you choose. You'll find a lot of information, some of it contradictory as the universe is vast and thus my be looked at from many different and differing points of view. We share it all with you, for your enjoyment and edification.

Proceed as you see fit.
LOVING more than one
Dare to be BARE
Recreational S-E-X!
Sacred Sex & Tantra
Limitless orgasmic BLISS can be yours
Human Sexuality & Sexology
Understanding the basics and the BIOLOGY
Paganism  and Goddess Theology
The ORIGINAL religion
Sex Rights
FREEDOM of Speech and Expression

Not all categories are complete at this time. New categories and new links will be added on  regular basis. We invite you to suggest a category or submit a link.


This website is exempt from the provisions of 18 USC 2257 as it contains no sexually explicit images as described in 18 USC 2257.

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